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Now Issue 3-New Hearts Saints Jam-1977

Offered is an Original Now 3  With a 6 Page Jam Interview From The Greyhound London Saints 5  Page Greyhound Interview New Hearts Inteview with Greyhound Review & Various Punk Concert & Single Reviews.

All 21 Page Stapled

Live Wire Issue 2 Damned To Death Issue Special Jubilee Issue-Damned Heartbreakers Adverts Iggy-1977

 Original second issue of London fanzine By Alan Anger Live Wire Issue 2 Special  Jubilee Issue unsuitable For Hippies.
All  12 PP printed one side except for 2 pages. Featuring: Articles/reviews on the Damned; why we need fanzines; Adverts live, Iggy at the Rainbow, the Heartbreakers @ the Red Deer, Rockpile & Ultravox; a picture page, singles reviews etc…

International Anthem-Issue 1-Crass-1977

Offered is Original 1977 International Anthem Issue 1 From Crass

Gee wrote in Crass Art And Other Pre Post-Modern Monsters, In 1977, Whilst living in New York, I started work on the first International Anthem – ‘a nihilist newspaper for the living’ Profiting from the illustration work  I was given, and aware that what I produced was becoming too radical for the mainstream American tastes, I decided to create an alternative vehicle for myself and for the others who felt I had something to offer. International Anthem was never intended to be a regular newspaper, it was produced when and if I had the inspiration and the finance to see it through. So although I compiled five editions only three made it into print.

George Berger adds, Now truly up and running, Crass’ artistic backgrounds and vivid imaginations quickly expanded from gigs with banners to a multi- pronged multimedia attack on the status quo and the establishment .The written word was another branch. With a bit of money under her belt, Gee had earlier started her own paper, International Anthem, with the strapline ‘A nihilist newspaper for the living’. Still in regular contact with Pen back in England, Gee had enlisted his writing services, along with those of Eve, for the first issue. It sold through an independent network and radical bookshops.

Vague Issue 12 -Tales From The Blank Generation Theatre of Hate UK Decay Danse Society -1981

Offered is an Original Vague Issue 12  Tales From The Blank Generation Edition  From 1981Featuring Theatre of Hate UK Decay Danse Society.

All 36 PP Are Stapled.

Arguably the best of the early eighties post punk scenes, Vague was a major work. It was thick, well bound and full of massive sprawling articles on pre fame Adam And The Ants, the proto Goth scene, squatting, anarchism, Apocolpyse Now and long road stories. It felt radical and dangerous and was a portal into punk becoming a lifestyle. Editor Tom Vague was bang in the middle of an emerging subculture that would soon be mislabeled Goth, he was there at a time when it was radical and thrilling and reflected it in his superb writing.