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Vague Issue 12 -Tales From The Blank Generation Theatre of Hate UK Decay Danse Society -1981

Offered is an Original Vague Issue 12  Tales From The Blank Generation Edition  From 1981Featuring Theatre of Hate UK Decay Danse Society.

All 36 PP Are Stapled.

Arguably the best of the early eighties post punk scenes, Vague was a major work. It was thick, well bound and full of massive sprawling articles on pre fame Adam And The Ants, the proto Goth scene, squatting, anarchism, Apocolpyse Now and long road stories. It felt radical and dangerous and was a portal into punk becoming a lifestyle. Editor Tom Vague was bang in the middle of an emerging subculture that would soon be mislabeled Goth, he was there at a time when it was radical and thrilling and reflected it in his superb writing.